The Katagiri Club

Katagiri the koala

Katagiri the koala

The Katagiri Club is our way of supporting koala research. By bringing together golf and fundraising efforts with the help of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary we hope to help with the survival of the koala. Our purchase of Katagiri the koala was symbolic as well as financial. All money from the purchase went to koala research. Moreover Katagiri has also become the symbol of our involvement in koala research and our support for the good work done by Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Katagiri Club is Meadow Park, our desire to build a social and socially active membership. By joining the Katagiri Club you’ll be part of Meadow Park. You’ll receive updates on club activities, social function and fundraising days. You’ll also be invited to be part of raising awareness for the survival of the koala in the best way possible, by coming down and enjoying a game of golf.

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Our 61 par Golf course offers a challenging 9 holes with 18 tees. The course is flat, user friendly, extremely well maintained and managed.

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Katagiri Cafe serves beer wine spirits, hot drinks and light snacks, which makes Meadow Park the perfect place to relax after a game of golf.

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