Golf: old men, white hair, plus fours, smoking cigars or a pipe? Yes, that’s one stereotype of golfers, but a very outdated one. Like any sport, there are those players that like to cling on to the past, and those who like to modernise the game. If you can see past the outdated stereotypes and dare to pick up a club…you may, just may find yourself having fun!

So, here’s 10 reasons why you should give golf a go…

1. It’s good exercise.


In effect, yes, it’s just ‘a walk in a (very nice) park’. But you do spend a long time on your feet heading up and down different holes of different shapes and sizes. You’ll end up walking around 4 miles on most courses, so you certainly get your steps in!

2. Challenge yourself

One of the beauties of golf is that you can play against others. but you can also play against yourself and against the course – an aspect that not too many sports out there have. The handicap is a very tangible way to assess your ability and your development of the game over time. So, whether you’re billy-no-mates or billy-with-all-the-mates, the golf course can always provide you with a challenge.


3. Meet new people

Talking of friends, golf is a surprisingly good way to meet new people. If you’re after a game but don’t have anyone else to play with, head to the clubhouse- the welcoming nature of golf is a wonderful thing, and players will often do their best to ensure no one is left playing on their own.


4. There’s no age limit on the golf course

It’s a chance to meet people you wouldn’t normally cross paths with. Different generations, different abilities, different styles of play. It’s healthy to mix with different groups of people, and who knows, you might actually learn something from others.


5. A chance to let your anger out (no, that’s a joke actually!)

Quite the opposite in fact; it’s a chance to test your patience and mental resilience. When a 3-foot put slides past the hole, and you realise that extra shot is the equivalent of a 300-yard drive…well, kudos to you if you manage to keep a straight face and level head.


6. Golf is known for its un-written rules

Helping each other to look for stray balls, never walking on your opponents putting lines, getting the drinks in if you’re ever lucky enough to get a hole in one…it helps to teach good manners and etiquette.


7. There’s variety in golf

There are so many different formats available. Matchplay, stableford, foursomes, greensomes, texas-scramble, medal. The list could go on. Whilst some people dismiss golf as boring, the variety in the game is incredible. Take foursomes for instance; playing alternate shots with your partner against two other players not only helps to really test your teamwork but speeds up the game as well.

8. Golfing bliss

While at times golf can be immensely frustrating, it can be equally rewarding. There’s no better feeling than nailing a long drive, or sinking a winding put, or even just hitting it right out the sweet spot of the club. Bliss.


9. Drive a buggy

It gives you the chance to drive a buggy; it doesn’t matter how cool you are, don’t pretend you’ve never wanted to drive one of them around a course. Well, now’s the chance to follow through on your dreams…


10. Spend time in the great outdoors


Whilst the beautiful Gold Coast is renowned for its beaches, it also has some great golf courses too like here at Meadow Park Golf Course. So, whether you live here or are just visiting, be sure to make the most of what nature has to offer (just don’t forget your sunscreen).


Well, what have you got to lose? Get out there and have a whack. Just remember, unlike the most of the Gold Coast where sand and water signify dreamy beaches…bunkers and water traps on the golf course are a red zone! Enter at your peril…


Main image by Steven Shircliff on Unsplash


Other photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash