Dress Code

Players and visitors are required to conform to the standards of dress in the clubhouse and course.

Allowed anytime:

  • neatĀ apparel
  • polo style shirts
  • round neck T shirts

Not allowed:

  • rubber thongs
  • singlets
  • midriff tops or tank tops
  • scruffy, ripped, torn or dirty apparel
  • bare feet
  • apparel with offensive or racist slogans or words
  • beach wear
  • jogging, football or brief shorts

Children's Dress Code

Clean running or gym shoes are acceptable. Children’s attire should at all times be neat and appropriate to their usage of the Club’s facilities.

These codes are subject to change from time to time but players and visitors are advised thatĀ their standard of dress should always reflect a good golfing standard of clothing.

In the absence of the General Manager, the Operation Manager, Club Professional and their Staff have been directed to ensure that dress standards are maintained in the Clubhouse and on the course.

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